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This Week’s Featured Link:

The computer game Minecraft has appealed to children in many ways, and now teachers are also finding ways to use the program in the classroom!  This article discusses one teacher’s experience in creating a classroom lesson that was played out entirely on the program.

Not only was the lesson created on Minecraft a great success in the teacher’s classroom, but it was also a good way of teaching the students how to behave in an online gaming environment.  A great example of how technology can be used as an effective teaching tool!

Read the full article here

The Minecraft Teacher

More of what FableVisionaries are clicking on, reading, and talking about this week:

Children’s Television Family Media Literacy-A Necessary Literacy for the Digital Age Great tips for parents on how to teach media literacy to children.  Given the amount of technology that children encounter today, media literacy is becoming more important than ever before!

Cool New Apps/Games With Apps, First Impressions are King Insightful article about what makes apps succeed or fail.  Based off of the release of two new apps, Color and Stellar.

Analysis: World of Goo’s iPad Launch Insider’s look at the making of an iPad app from start to finish.  Great explanations of how the company went about creating and promoting their first app.

For Some Doctors, The iPad is Claiming a Key Spot Next To The Stethoscope Interesting article on how the iPad is changing the way that doctors practice.  The combination of mobility and an interactive touchscreen has made the iPad the ideal medical device!

Design/Animation Scratch Made Palisades Muppet Theatre Playset Amazing blog post on a great replica of the Palisades Muppet Show Theatre created by a talented fan of the Muppets.   Fablevisionaries were nostalgic for stop-motion animation after looking at the images!

Muppet Master Jim Henson’s Early Work Network Awesome compiled some of Henson’s earlier work into one great video.  Fablevisionaries found themselves somehow wanting a cup of Wilkin’s coffee after watching! (Disclaimer: these videos contain various forms of violence.)

Grab Bag! How to Steal Like an Artist (And Nine Other Things Nobody Told Me) Very clever blog posting by writer and artist Austin Kleon based off of a talk that he recently gave.  Great life lessons that can help remind each of us not to take life too seriously.