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This Week’s Featured Link:

"A squeeze, a squeak, a glimpse of learning" from The Boston Globe

Boston researchers have been studying the way that babies think, and have discovered through clever experiments that babies have a good grasp of probabilities.  Much of the research has been conducted at the Boston Children's Museum, FableVision's downstairs neighbor!

The findings from these studies are leading to a new understanding of the ability to make, test, and adjust ideas about how one thing causes another.  In addition, the  findings also suggest that teaching needs to strike a balance between helping children draw effectively on existing knowledge while also allowing them to investigate and test their own ideas. Cool stuff!

Read the article (text only) here. If you are registered on (it's quick and free if you aren't), click here to view the full article, including a cute animated video!

More of what FableVisionaries are clicking on, reading, and talking about this week:

Children’s Television Nickelodeon Launches Anti-bullying Campaign The network is launching an on-air public service campaign at the beginning of April in which stars will offer their advice on various forms of digital bullying.

Child Development/Education Sparking Curiosity by Turning Students into Science Sleuths New website being launched by developers at MIT and scientists at the Smithsonian Institution that will enable middle schoolers to help solve a mystery surrounding an environmental disaster.

STEM Needs To Become STEAM Excellent article by Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart about why the arts need to be made a part of the STEM equation.

How Creative Writing Can Foster Your Child’s Imagination Great article on how parents can encourage creative writing in children, based off research finding that creative writing can play a key role in child development.

Cool New Apps/Games FrogDogMedia and zuuka! GmbH Join Forces US-based FrogDogMedia and German based zuuka! GmbH have combined to create the world’s largest publisher of mobile children’s entertainment.

Design/Animation Life’s Too Short for the Wrong Job Very clever German advertisement campaign for German job site with great use of design in a non-traditional way.

Grab Bag! “One Man Disney Movie” Pixar animator Nick Pitera performs a medley of Disney classic songs, singing all of the parts by himself!

Scientists Create World’s First Practical Artificial Leaf Playing-card-sized photosynthetic device uses sunlight to split water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen.  It’s reputedly 10 times more efficient than a natural leaf!