Here is this week’s edition of “The Weekly Click”.  Check out this week’s links and feel free to add to the conversation too!  Happy reading! What FableVisionaries are clicking on, reading, and talking about this week:

Children’s Television ‘Sesame Street’ and Rico Blanco Partner on New Campaign The producers of ‘Sesame Street’ and Filipino artist Rico Blanco are kicking off a new campaign called “Sesame Street Kid Ako” (I am a Sesame Street Kid) in the Phillipines.

Tufts Awards Bill Cosby and Alvin Poussaint for Excellence in Children’s Media Entertainer Bill Cosby and educator Alvin Poussaint both emphasized the importance of producing educational children’s television as well as significantly limiting television and screen time for children.

Child Development/Education The Trouble With Bright Girls Insightful article by psychologist and author Heidi Grant Halvorson on how boys and girls perceive and respond to learning challenges differently, and how in later years that impacts personal success and self-esteem in the workplace.

Grab Bag! Happy Birthday Doctor Seuss!  Lessons for Adults From the Father of Children’s Stories Today marks Dr. Seuss’s 107th birthday! Here is a list of some lessons that come from the author’s works.

‘Toy Story 3’ Wins Best Animated Feature Oscar For the fourth time in the past four years, Pixar took home the award for best animated feature.

Technology A Parent’s Struggle With a Child’s iPad Addiction Interesting blog post on whether or not electronic products should automatically be considered bad for children. One parent’s struggle with how much limitation should be placed on his son’s iPad use.

Cambridge-Based Company GreenGoose Raises $100k at Launch Conference At the new tech conference Launch, GreenGoose raised the money while onstage.  The company turns everyday activities into an online game of trackable activities through the form of tracking sticker devices.

Gaming Sprocket Rocket: New Online Physics Game Cool new game that makes you think about mechanics and physics.  The entire website has a number of great physics-based games for children.

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