Here is this week's edition of "The Weekly Click".  Check out this week's links and feel free to add your own as well.  Enjoy! What FableVisionaries are clicking on, reading, and talking about this week:

Children's Television Bubble Guppies-New Television Show For Nick Jr. Nick Jr. is launching a new interactive television show that teaches children about a variety of topics.  The show will model school-readiness through song, dance, and lots of laughs!

Why Save PBS? Clever poster created in response to Congress continuing to consider eliminating funding for Public Broadcasting.

Child Development/Education The Digital Lives of Babies This article discusses how the digital age has brought home movies and photos from the privacy of your own home onto the Internet for the world to see.

Our Clients Greenway Vision Ends as YMCA Cancels Plans for New Center Plans for a community center on the Greenway near the North End have ended after the  YMCA has abandoned its proposal for building of a community center.  The Greenway is now exploring new opportunities such as hosting a large outdoor art exhibition.

Grab Bag! Freakonomics Radio Podcast An inventor talks on this podcast about a 3D food printer that prints out meals by depositing "pixels" of dried food, re-hydrating them, and cooking them with a laser!

Friday at Kidscreen Summit 2011-Digital Day Recap of the day's discussions centering around Transmedia, and whether the concepts are here to stay

'Friends' Without a Personal Touch In her new book, Sherry Turkle waves a caution flag about how technology is changing the ways that people relate to one another and construct their own inner lives.

Gaming Young Black Males, Learning, and Video Games Insightful article discussing how technology can help bridge the achievement gap between black and white students.