Top Crop: Farming for the Future

Client: National Geographic Society

Yielding a healthy crop requires the right tools, sustainable technology, and a lot of patience. National Geographic Society’s Top Crop: Farming for the Future, developed by FableVision Studios, guides middle school students through the importance and responsibility of sustainable farming and teaches them how technology can be harnessed to aid their crops and revenue.

In the online game, players select crops of corn, soybeans, and wheat. Once planted, the player tends to pest infestation, irrigation, and nutrient depletion, among other challenges. It is up to the player to decide whether to compromise on sustainable practices or good crops as they work to keep the farm running. Tools like pesticides or irrigation will help to keep crops healthy, but can also have negative long-term effects on the farm or the surrounding environment. 

Top Crop will be presented along with an educator’s guide, which will provide ideas of how educators can use the interactive and incorporate it into the curriculum they teach. Additionally, the game is responsive and mobile friendly.

A Peek Inside


Product: HTML5 online game and educator’s guide

Age Range: middle school

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