Carbon TIME

Client: National Geographic Society

National Geographic Society turned to FableVision to produce a set of videos that are an integral part of the Carbon TIME (Carbon: Transformations in Matter and Energy) curriculum-based project funded by a DRK-12 NSF grant “Climate Change Education: A Learning Progression-based System for Promoting Understanding of Carbon-transforming Processes.” The goal of this curriculum is to help middle and high school students to learn how to account for the chemical changes that are responsible for the functions of all living systems and support our lifestyles—carbon transforming processes. 

The Carbon TIME videos, engaging, humorous hybrid of live action/animations, in which students go through a sequence of activities: predict and explain, observe, and then re-examine their explanation based of the data collected during the investigations. FableVision provided turn-key production, including scriptwriting, design, animations, original music, and post-production using Flash and Adobe After Effects. Carbon transformations (combustion, cellular respiration, biosynthesis, digestion, photosynthesis) are featured in four different investigations: Feeding Mealworms, Growing Bread Mold, Burning Ethanol, and Growing Plants.

A Peek Inside


Product: live-action sequences with animation

Age Range: high school

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