ParkPals: Kindness Rules

Client: Committee for Children

There are four qualities of kindness: fair play, responsibility, safety, and respect. The new tablet game from Committee for Children, ParkPals: Kindness Rules, sets kids in a virtual playground and gives them the responsibility to make the right choices.

Committee for Children, a leading nonprofit dedicated to creating research-based social-emotional learning materials for children, worked with the award-winning media developers at FableVision Studios to create a fun, engaging game that reinforces skills from the Second Step program and is designed to be played in both the classroom and home.

ParkPals provides a safe space for children ages 7–9 to practice kind social behaviors that can then be brought into their real lives. The game features an avatar creator, mini-games, and a virtual playground where the child has the opportunity to implement learned strategies in a simulated real-world experience.

A Peek Inside



2016 Parents' Choice Awards, Recommended

Product: web-based and iOS and Android tablet game

Age Range: 2-3 grade

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