We’re excited to announce the launch of New Artitude, an interactive web story created by the 2019 summer interns. New Artitude is an online narrative that explores the definition of art and introduces three characters who each create in ways that challenge conventions. 

Highlighting the works of a chef, a hip hop dancer, and a painter who uses recycled materials, New Artitude elevates each character to the same artistic status, as they all present their work in a local showcase. This project aims to show viewers that anyone can make something amazing with whatever materials or abilities they have, and that the definition of art is bigger than some people may believe. 

     The New Artitude team consists of:

  • Amanda Pedersen: Character Art, Story

  • Kat Hardie: Sound Designer, Composer, Production, UI/UX

  • Orsi Nagy: Marketing, Story/Script, Sound Designer

  • Nathalie Ye: Production, Programming, UI/UX

  • Gabriela Romero Gonzalez: Marketing, Social Media, Story/Script

  • Mickie Kryger: Background Art, Story

The interns worked throughout this summer to develop a script, character designs and backgrounds, code, sound materials, and a marketing plan and logo for the project, among other moving parts. Each duo of interns focused on their area of specialty—Marketing, Art, or Production—while also learning and exploring new or different skills. We all got the chance to take on a challenge and add to our skill set while collaborating on something we are all proud of. 

A very big thank you to the internship program coordinators, who gave feedback and tips throughout the development of the project and were great sources of inspiration and encouragement:

Learn more about the internship program here.

You can also check out some images from the project and the discussion questions below for some guidance on how to embed these ideas of practice and self-confidence in conversations with friends, mentees, or children, grounded in plot points from the story.

Click here to visit New Artitude!