Click on the image to visit  Beantown Unfurled!

Click on the image to visit Beantown Unfurled!

Does planning summer activities with your family feel like a treasure hunt without the treasure? Check out the spring 2019 intern project, Beantown Unfurled, which is guaranteed to keep even the pickiest of kids entertained! Beantown Unfurled is an interactive map that provides educational opportunities for the whole family. With this map, parents and kids alike can check out the sights they want to see, and immediately find key information about ticket prices, daily hours, and more. No matter what interests your child—science, history, or anything in between—you will find something they like on Beantown Unfurled. Click the link below to start planning your “adventures for the whole family, off the bean-ten path!”

In early February, the spring interns brainstormed what kind of project we wanted to create during our time here. We asked ourselves a few crucial questions to kickstart the creative process: What do we think people need to know? What would be fun and educational for kids? What would make our project stand out from all the great ones that came before?

We decided on an interactive map that highlights kid-friendly, educational museums and activities that families can visit during day trips to Boston! Each downtown “Unfurled” location meets three requirements: it is educational, interesting for young children, and hands-on (meaning the kids can play with the exhibits and installations during their visit).

The Beantown Unfurled team is:

  • Mackenzie Bright, Marketing Intern

  • Eileen Moynihan, Marketing Intern

  • Beatrice Mutasah, Art/Animation Intern

  • Amber Orozco, Art/Animation Intern

  • Emma Paquette, Production Intern

You can learn more about this semester’s interns in our last InternVision post, “Meet the MiniVisionaries: Spring 2019 Interns.” And of course, big thanks to our supervisors, Monica Chen, Michael Fogarasi, Sarah Ditkoff, and Hannah O’Neal for their guidance and support.

Let Boston “unfurl” before you — happy exploring! Click here to visit the map and plan your next adventure!