Astronaut food has never tasted so good! Gourmet Galaxy is an interactive adventure game created by FableVision’s 2018 spring interns that combines a love of space exploration, nutrition, and recipe creation.

Play as Nutmeg, a space-chef-in-training learning the ropes of her dad’s kitchen, as she explores delicious terrains to gather ingredients for her tasty treats. The main goal of her adventure is to give players an easy, accessible, and healthy recipe that they can take from the screen to their own kitchens. Wrapped up inside this process, players will hone their measuring and counting skills to perfect their delicious delicacy!

Blast-off to space with Gourmet Galaxy for a treat that is out of this world. Click the Start button above to begin your starry adventure! 

**Chrome Users: For optimal audio experience, please go to chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy and change to "no user gesture required." This feature enables all audio in the game to play automatically.**