The first moment I saw the studio: that’s when I knew that I wanted to jump into the FableVision culture. The Wall of Inspiration, an organized jumble of toys directly to the right as you step through the studio doors, caught my eye first. Everyone sits in and around “the hub,” a central horseshoe of tables that allows for everyone to openly converse and share ideas. Spend just a few hours at FableVision as an intern and you can’t help but start to seriously consider what type of work culture you value most and want to work in one day.

The most important thing I’ve learned while working here is the love I have for a collaborative and familial work environment. Hierarchy does not define FableVision. My supervisor, Sarah, exemplifies this notion. Throughout my internship, she has held me accountable to complete my tasks, but has also had me hold her accountable to project deadlines we collaboratively work on. And this holds true for the entire staff—the work of one person is not possible without the help of another person. The staff holds one another responsible while simultaneously leaning on one another.

They not only count on one another to get the work done, but also to make sure that the positive energy never dies. There’s a level of ownership that people here have over the FableVision culture. They do their work, they do it well, but they have fun while they do it. 

FableVision has shined a light on my personal life in addition to strongly influencing my future professional goals. We all have our own personal journeys, and the timing of recent racial and hate crimes in our country has ironically occurred at a very pivotal time in mine.

I’ve read countless articles and watched hours of video and news clips, and I truthfully feel so hopeless. It feels like there are more people destroying peace and progression than creating it, and I wonder, what can I do? Can I even do anything?

Despite how discouraged I’ve felt at times, coming to FableVision has given me hope. Each day when I go to work I am reminded that the answer is: of course—you can do so many things! Working in this positive environment makes me feel better at the end of each day and that’s worth something. The importance of culture and family for FableVision employees creates a strong sense of togetherness.

I’ve learned that amazing results can happen when people from different walks of life come together and respect the perspectives that each of us brings to the table. I’ve been able to understand this through the working partnership I have with my co-marketing intern, Ethan. Ethan and I are on very different academic tracks in school and have different interests outside of work. While he is significantly experienced in game design and I have never talked about this concept a day in my life, we complement each other SO well! Working with Ethan each day reminds me that there is a reason why diversity exists, and it is to bring out the best in one another.

The work environment at FableVision speaks to the success this FableFamily has achieved. FableVision is on a 200-year mission to move the world to a better place, and this company does a fantastic job upholding its mission. Everyone believes in that mission wholeheartedly, and that’s what makes it possible to achieve their goal. I am hopeful that if there is a community like this in Boston, then that same essence of family and respect can exist elsewhere. As my first “real job,” I will certainly carry FableVision’s value of family with me through my future job search.