Okay, so Spring may be taking its sweet time getting here, but FableVision’s Spring interns arrived right on time, excited to learn about their chosen departments. We are two artists and a writer, but we’re so much more! We have a wide range of interests from creating games to playing drums to flying planes. And at least one of us knows how to be dangerous with a Spork (stay tuned).

By the time Spring is sprung, we’ll know a lot more about animation, marketing, and the ins and outs of life at FableVision. Here’s a little more about who we have at the Studio.

Meghan Williams, Animation Intern

Hometown: Tolland, Connecticut
Education: Senior at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, B.F.A. in AnimationCelebrity Spirit Animal: Nick Offerman

I'm an animator, illustrator, and designer who resides in the Boston area. As a chairperson of our school’s very own Game Design Club, I am driven by the idea of always having a hand in creating films and games. Animation is an expansive field that enables me to combine my interests in illustration, character design, asset building, scriptwriting, and sound work. Coming from a very disciplined traditional art background drives me to explore the bridge between digital and traditional mediums, by implementing my understanding of color theory and brushwork. During my time at FableVision I expect to develop techniques with new software, learn professional habits, and connect with other artists!

Fun Facts!

Favorite Board Game? Chess or Stratego
Favorite Childhood TV Show? Pokemon or Samurai Jack!
Where can we find you on a Sunday afternoon? Out on a walk in the city or closed in with my sketchbook
Something you love that everyone seems to hate? Raisins, weirdly enough.

Allison Eddy, Animation Intern

Hometown: Sugar Hill, Georgia
Education: Graduated 2015 from The Savannah College of Art and Design, B.F.A Animation, Minor in Storyboarding
Celebrity Spirit Animal: Gwendoline Christie, especially in Game of Thrones. I have strong feelings about Brienne of Tarth.

Bio: Allison Eddy is a reclusive hermit from the shores of Lake Lanier who sometimes likes to write in the third person. She started her animation career when she was twelve. One day her Dad gave her an old webcam and told her to grab her playdough. For the next hour they would nudge the clay a little here, and then snap a picture. Nudge, Click. Nudge, Click. At the end of the hour they had a pile of pictures that, when played, transformed her purple playdough into the Loch ness monster. It was magic. She eventually ventured down to Savannah, where she spent the last four years locked in a windowless box with the rest of the animators, making movies the long way. Once she was allowed back into the sunlight, she used her newfound freedom to move up to New England, in the winter. Eddy is an animator, but likes to explore other aspects of the 2D Pipeline. If given the opportunity, she will repeatedly ask, “How does that thing work?” until she gets an answer. Just know that resistance is futile, she has a Spork, and she knows how to use it. In her free time, she likes to read books and fly airplanes. She is also afraid of heights. That probably explains most of it. 

Fun Facts!

Favorite Board Game? Chess? Especially oversized sets, for maximum Harry Potter feelings.
Favorite Childhood TV Show? Avatar the Last Airbender. My brother and I used to splash each other, pretending to be waterbenders. In hindsight, I’m glad we didn’t try earthbending. That could have been messy.
Where can we find you on a Sunday afternoon? Reading, drawing, or listening to podcasts in a cozy nook somewhere. Preferably with a cat.
Something you love that everyone seems to hate? For a self-professed bibliophile, I really like bad writing and Purple Prose (Editor’s Note: This refers to prose that is ornate, flowery, florid, verbose … you get the picture). Sometimes I like to peek into the romance section and read the titles to myself in my best radio voice. I’m all about that Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest

Dan Eder, Marketing Intern

Hometown: North Merrick, New York
Education: M.Ed. Candidate at Harvard Graduate School of Education, studying Technology, Innovation and Education
Celebrity Spirit Animal: Stephen Colbert  

Bio: I just moved back to the East coast from Los Angeles for grad school. In LA I wrote and performed a lot of comedy and worked as an assistant on a couple of TV shows. I’m currently studying the intersections of technology, education and business at Harvard. I also have a bit of a side gig going, which involves writing viral video content for Walden Media (I usually have some sort of side gig going, it’s kind of my thing). As I make a shift from freelance writer dude to focusing more on marketing specifically, I’m really interested in learning about building strong brands, social media marketing, and business development. You know, more “business-y” stuff. And as always, I am also on the hunt for the best soup in town! (I’m a big fan of soup.)

Fun Facts!

Favorite Board Game? Blokus
Favorite Childhood TV Show? Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (it’s a classic and, like a fine wine, it only gets better with age)
Where can we find you on a Sunday afternoon? I’m a new dad and my daughter Lucy just began crawling so most of our free time is spent keeping her from sticking her fingers in electrical outlets.
Something you love that everyone seems to hate? Playing the drums. It’s loud and has never been too popular with my neighbors. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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