At FableVision Studios, we’re focused on creating “stories that matter, stories that move.” Inside the actual studio, we each have our own stories that fit the bill and have flavored our lives in ways that matter most to us. These stories have come in different forms, from works of art to literary pieces, animations, and videos. As part of our independent intern project, Jen, Adam, and I decided to compile anecdotes and recipes from our fellow FableVisionaries to create one cohesive, interactive, and incredibly delicious story.

Here’s a taste of what we’ve cooked up this semester.

From left: Adam, Jen, and Tessa


  • One marketing intern (Tessa Berliner)
  • Two art interns (Jen Sanchez and Adam Reed)
  • Ten weeks
  • Many secret intern meetings
  • Countless hours in Photoshop, Unity, and Flash
  • A dash of creativity

Begin preparing individual ingredients.
It was during the initial Intern Meet and Greet that we decided to combine our talents and make something truly incredible. We actually started with two separate lists to determine our final idea: one of different themes and the other of different forms of media we could potentially produce. We landed on the idea of creating an interactive cookbook — partially inspired by our hungry stomachs but mainly inspired by the melting pot of cultures around us in the studio.

                                   The Original FablePigeon

In the original iteration, a wandering pigeon led the reader through the cookbook by interviewing various FableVisionaries, but we felt that it was missing some dose of relatability. We scrapped the bird (sorry, FablePigeon!) and decided to interject ourselves into the story, much in the same way we found ourselves interjected into FableVision’s company culture. We pitched the idea, honed our concept, requested the recipes, and started embarking on the cultural cookbook journey.

Jen's original page layout.

Combine ingredients and mix until well blended.
After deciding on our topic, we split the roles among the three of us: Jen was illustrating the layouts, Adam was designing the animated ingredients, and I was editing the recipes and stories and piecing it all together in Unity. We felt that this split best represented each of our strengths  while also giving us something new to learn.

This collaboration carried over into how we conducted our private intern meetings, with each of us presenting our progress and coming up with design ideas together. We’d present our progress to our internship advisors periodically for  guidance. We let our ideas marinate and we watched a well-seasoned recipe book come together.

Bake covered for 20 minutes.
We’re not revealing the cookbook in full quite yet, but we thought we’d give you a small taste below with a sample recipe (call it an Appetizer), as well as a glimpse into what’s cooking in the FableVision oven. Be sure to check back for the full meal — it’ll be a real treat!