Art Intern Adam Reed has been working on an independent project during his time at FableVision this fall. His project is a comic geared toward teens that are starting to experience the signs of depression. People can start showing signs of depression as early as thirteen and fourteen, so Adam wanted to make something to catch the attention of teens while conveying the message and information in a clear, approachable way. That's how he landed on the idea of a comic starring a little blueberry named Blue Barry.

Adam's comic lays out some of the basic symptoms of depression as well as different ways of treatment. It was Adam's goal to create a helpful, yet fun comic that sheds the social stigma around mental illness. While not all forms of depression are the same, his comic lays out some of the basic symptoms and treatments to the disease.

Click the arrows in the below gallery to see the full comic. 


You can see more of Adam’s work on his Instagram account here.