As my internship at FableVision draws to a close, I write this blog post with a tinge of sadness to be leaving such an incredible studio. I am grateful for the opportunity this internship has provided me – working here has truly been a blast!

It feels like only yesterday that I was braving the snowy Boston weather and dealing with troubled T service to get to my first day as a marketing intern at FableVision Studios.

Since that wintry day, I’ve juggled a variety of projects – but the biggest one I have worked on is an independent project that I pitched a few weeks into my internship. I wanted to create a video that showed what brought me to FableVision, and how the internship here has affected me.

My FableVision Story is aimed at students like me who are seeking a valuable internship that they can connect with. If you’re thinking of interning at FableVision Studios, check out our internship page and apply today! I am very happy that FableVision has become a part of my story – will it be a part of yours?