From building imaginary worlds, to creating vivid characters, to bringing science to life, everything that FableVision Studios does seems to involve a little magic. In reality, we have a top notch team of storytellers working non-stop behind the scenes on every aspect of small-to-large scale projects, and maybe we’ll toss in some fairy dust every now and then. 

As part of my independent project, Next week, FableVision will premiere our first ever Instagram video series, #FableTours! Every day for a week, we’ll take a peek over different team member’s shoulders as they work on various facets of all kinds of projects. We’ll follow a producer, an artist, a developer, a director, and a marketing team member. Check out this quick teaser, and tune into our Instagram account on Monday, Nov. 16 and meet the people who make our studio so great! 

You can follow along on Instagram and Twitter.