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One of most common questions FableVision interns ask during their interviews is, “So how do you create all of these games and apps?” While I’m sure we wish the answer was simply “we snap our fingers and magic happens,” in reality the solution is much more complicated. As an example, let’s look at a recent video FableVision produced for EDmin.

Although this video is just one and a half minutes long, it actually took two weeks and eight people to complete. Animation, script, sound, and video editing are just a few of the tasks needed for this project to reach fruition. In this post, you will get an inside peek into the studio and our tried and true formula for success.

Step 1: Project Proposal

It all starts with an idea. A client approaches us with their objective and the FableVision proposal team responds with a creative solution (or two). The amount of flexibility we have in design varies from project to project. Sometimes people will come in with a clear vision while others may present us with only an idea of what they want. In that case, its up to FableVision’s creative interpretation to push it to the next level.

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Step 2: FabLab

After the proposal is approved, the next step is an all-day brainstorming session - what we call "the FabLab" - with the FableVision team and our clients. Together, the team constructs their game plan  This marathon collaboration serves to construct goals and define the parameters of the project, clearing up any questions from the project proposal.

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Step 3: Define and Design

This is where we get into the nitty gritty of the project. After establishing guidelines and goals, the production team (including both FableVision personnel and content advisors) breaks down the process into specific deadlines and objectives. A team usually contains a developer, producer, artist/animator, sound engineer, and whatever else a specific product needs (e.g., creating a website would require an interface designer). Together, they put the project under greater scrutiny and make a lot of changes. At the end of this step, we have a clear idea of how this project will take form and when.

Step 4: Build and Launch

Step 4 is the final production stage, but also one of the longest. The actual implementation and build-out of the project is carried out at this point, as our artists and programmers collaborate to create the finished and tangible product. From there, the client and team launches the project on its target platform, which could be uploading it on the App Store to putting it on television.

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Step 5: Celebrate!

Every Monday we have an office meeting that highlights the progress of all our current projects and display all of our shiny new products! This is our opportunity to give others a pat on the back for a job well done. Some projects are over quickly (two weeks to a month) while others take a little longer (some are over a year long!). But regardless of the time commitment, FableVision follows this polished formula for success. And congrats to you too! You just made it through your very first FableVision production process!


Still want to learn more? Here's a video about our production process, explained by our very own FableMonsters: