“ImBlaze” Promotional Video

Client: Big Picture Learning

For over 20 years, Big Picture Learning (BPL) has worked to put students at the center of their own learning. Today, hundreds of BPL network schools in the United States and around the world work together and in their communities to reimagine and reshape education. Through BPL’s innovative school design model, each student becomes part of a small learning community led by an advisor who works closely with each learner to identify their interests and personalize their learning experience. As part of this experience, students work closely with a mentor at a community-based internship, truly exemplifying learning in the real world.

BPL collaborated with FableVision to create a promotional video for their internship management platform, ImBlaze. ImBlaze helps school match students with interest-based internships by pairing them with mentors who can provide experience and knowledge not typically found in traditional classrooms. In addition, ImBlaze helps track student attendance at their internships while also providing a home for compliance resources shared between educators, mentors, parents and students. BPL’s ImBlaze video is intended for educators, school administrators, and superintendents in the hopes that more schools will adopt high school internship programs.

FableVision provided the storyboard, script, art, and music, to ensure that the final product informed viewers of this innovative approach to educational while communicating the benefits that it provides. A clean look and feel was established to be approachable and relatable for the adult audience.

A Peek Inside


Product: animation

Age Range: all ages

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