This year’s Extra Life 2017 marks our fifth year of throwing the studio doors open early on a Saturday morning and keeping them open for 24 hours. FableVisionaries stream in for hours of gaming, laughter, camaraderie, and reflection as we raise funds for Boston Children’s Hospital. FableVision is a mission-based studio intent on moving the world to a better place through stories that matter and move, and our passion for change-making extends beyond the standard nine to five. That’s why we believe that Extra Life, the 24-hour charity gaming marathon, is such a cool and meaningful fundraising extravaganza.

As the founder of this rich tradition at FableVision, President Gary Goldberger reflects, “In addition to having a lot of pride and respect for the work that they do, Boston Children’s Hospital will always have a special place in FableVision’s heart. Five years ago, Extra Life represented something fairly straightforward – a fun event for the staff to take part in that was for an excellent cause. Raising money for one of the country’s leading children’s hospitals and working as a team to ‘game for good’ was a double win. I love getting the team together, sharing laughs, games, and food, opening the studio to friends and family, and knowing that our efforts are helping provide care to children (and families, by proxy) in our own great city.”

Each year, new Extra Life teammates join our veteran marathon gamers. Today we’re casting a light on five faces from our all-star Extra Life team as they head into game day. To register for our team or pledge to any of our Extra Life team members, please visit our Extra Life page and donate now. Game On!


How has Extra Life evolved since you started this tradition at FableVision Studios?
Even though it’s for a good cause and FableVision’s always looking to join forces with “mission-match” movements, I wasn’t sure if people would want to participate when we started doing Extra Life in 2012 – but we have the best team! So many people were on board right from the start. It’s evolved over the years, and has easily become one of my favorite FableVision traditions. Different people have brought their own traditions to the event as well, from waffles to Jeopardy to their own types of activities. Everyone is able to create their own gaming space for this amazing shared experience. There’s no better team than Team FableVision, and no other group I’d rather game for good with!”


As a fifth year veteran, what pro tips would you give to someone looking to start their own Extra Life team?
There are a lot of important causes that need our time and attention right now. If you do choose to participate in Extra Life, my strongest piece of advice is to have fun with it! Everyone’s looking for a way to give back. The Extra Life community has a lot of love, so take that to heart and surround yourself with people you enjoy being with. Fill your team with comrades near and far, ask friends and family to support your efforts, and take some joy in the experience of raising funds for a good cause.




You’re making waves as the newest member of the team! Why did you decide to join Extra Life this year?
I decided to join Extra Life because of the mission – children need healthy physical development in order to grow and thrive at home and in the classroom, and Boston Children’s Hospital can provide that support and care to the most vulnerable kids and their families. As a Boston native and the daughter of a nurse, I know how privileged we are to have one of the best hospitals in the country available to our children. Extra Life has the capacity to bring that incredible care to more children, and change more lives.


This isn’t your first Extra Life race. Why did you decide to join FableVision’s team?
I might be a FableVision rookie, but I’m an Extra Life veteran. I love gaming, and I've always been attracted to causes related to my hobbies. Organizations like Extra Life show that games can be a force for good in the world in the same way a 5k walk or charity dinner can be. We can get really passionate about the things we enjoy, and I think that applying that passion to helping kids puts life into perspective. It's been a while since I've participated in Extra Life, so I'm excited to be back with a great team this year!


Extra Life has become a family affair for the Landry clan. As an Extra Life veteran who returns every year without fail, what makes this annual event special to you?
I was initially drawn in by the proposition of being allowed to play video games for 24 hours. Since then, it has grown to mean so much more to me. Extra Life is a fundraiser that feels specifically catered to me: an avid game player, and an older brother to 5 awesome younger siblings (many of whom have received care from Boston Children's Hospital). Being able to do something I love while also raising money for a children's hospital is truly a surreal experience. To me, Extra Life has become something akin to a holiday or vacation, in that I spend almost every other day of the year looking forward to it. Changing the lives of others AND beating my favorite games in the same night is really what gives Extra Life a special place in my heart.