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Next month, FableVision and American University Game Lab are taking our love of games to a new level by co-hosting the Libraries, Games and Play Conference in Washington, DC. Join us and our sister companies FableVision Learning and The Reynolds Center for Teaching, Learning and Creativity in exploring innovative uses of educational technology and showcasing the cutting-edge edtech that will help teachers keep students excited about learning.  As longtime supporters of using games in educational spaces, FableVision is proud to co-host this event and share best practices in integrating technology into learning spaces, such as libraries, where technology is often overlooked.

The Idea

Conference organizer J Collins says it perfectly when they talk about how libraries hold communities together. “We need to celebrate the successes that they have had with games and we need to have a serious conversation about how we can better support and recognize their work.”

To make this conference as accessible as possible and give equal opportunity to all attendees, conference admission is free and a travel stipend was offered for those who might not have the funds to travel. However, because not all libraries can spare their hardest workers for a full weekend, the conference will be interactive and shareable. Collins also shared their personal experiences with librarians, and how important librarians are to the communities they serve. "I knew that I wanted to organize this conference after hearing a story from my friend about her work as a public librarian,” Collins said. “She teaches children and adults with games every week. She grew up playing games. And yet she's never made it out to a games conference. Why? For her to leave her post at the library means that ESL classes don't happen, afterschool youth won't find their special friend there, the AC unit might break and spray water onto the books again, and on and on.”

Highlighted Events


Don’t miss out on the showcase, which will include The Reynolds Center and FableVision Learning’s Fab@School Maker Studio educational technology aimed at fostering more engineering and design skills in the classroom. It helps create practical and affordable makerspaces, using material like cardstock, paper, and inexpensive digital fabricators.

This conference will  bring together leaders and innovators with the teachers and librarians who can use their technology in educational spaces.

Another exciting, must-see event offered at the conference is a closing keynote speech from FableVision and The Reynolds Center co-founder and CEO Paul Reynolds! Paul will speak about libraries’ growing importance in a networked, digital age, as well as the role of creativity in the future of the planet, creative influences from his childhood, and the mission of educators to make young innovators—all topics near and dear to the heart of FableVision.

Conference Details

What: Libraries, Games, and Play Conference
When: April 6, 2019
Where: American University in Washington, DC
Cost: Free!

The deadline for both registration and travel stipend applications is March 15. We hope you’ll take the opportunity to attend this one-of-a-kind conference and learn more about the importance of libraries, game-based learning, and the integration of the two.

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We hope to see you there!