Back-to-school season is always an exciting, busy time of year. There are new teachers and classrooms, a brand new schedule of challenging courses, and hey – has anyone seen my pencil case?

Despite its hectic nature, the start of the school year is an excellent opportunity for learning, both in and outside of the classroom. Whether it be in class, at home, or even on-the-go, there are a plethora of edtech tools to help enhance your academic skills. To help you start the year off on the right foot, join me for a quick overview of some awesome FableVision projects that would be a great addition to anyone’s back-to-school toolkit!


Gasha Go! (GPB Education)

Want to brush up on your math skills, but don’t know where to start? FableVision and Georgia Public Broadcasting have got you covered! Whether entering kindergarten, third grade, or anywhere in between, Gasha Go! is a fun and effective way to learn number sense, numeracy, and literacy. Students enter into a vibrant world inside an arcade game, and have ten different modes of gameplay that cover a variety of fundamental mathematical concepts at their fingertips. To top it off, there’s even an original animated song and catchy video to help internalize all your new knowledge.


Zoombinis (TERC)

Still in summer mode? Get back in the swing of things with the classic Zoombinis!Remastered as a mobile game, Zoombinis features educational puzzles that focus on integral computational thinking school skills such as algebraic thinking, data analysis, and theory formulation for middle schoolers. By enhancing your critical thinking and problem solving skills, Zoombinis will refresh your brain from summer and help you get back into gear for the school year!


Con ‘Em If You Can (Commonwealth)

Fall is here so it’s time to enroll in lessons at the Con Art School with Con ‘Em If You Can! This financial literacy game deals with important topics such as scarcity, reciprocity, social consensus, phantom riches, and source credibility. Whether in life, school, or even a video game, you should always be wary of your surroundings and situations! Con ‘Em If You Can allows players to take on the role of con artist to better understand how cons work – that way you won’t get tricked by the same schemes you get to conduct during game play.


Read to Lead (Classroom, Inc.)

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, and it’s never too early to practice making positive change. Read to Lead is a collection of three award-winning games developed by FableVision and Classroom, Inc. that invites middle schoolers to step into the shoes of various leaders of Port Douglas, a fictional city recently devastated by a hurricane. As students enter into each influential role in the community, they practice crucial life and literacy skills. Whether they’re serving as the editor-in-chief of the city’s online magazine or the director of the local community center, players will gain a sense of responsibility, workplace readiness skills, and a grasp on real-world issues.

Good Thinking1.png

Good Thinking!: The Science of Teaching Science (Smithsonian Science Education Center)

Ring in the new school year with a solid foundation for STEM education! Good Thinking!:The Science of Teaching Science is a free, animated professional development series that students and teachers alike can enjoy. Created in partnership with the Smithsonian Science Education Center, each episode of Good Thinking! asks viewers to temporarily suspend science to talk about science, demystifying and delivering content in an approachable fashion.


The Paper Girls Show (Global Tinker)

Set your STEAM gears in motion! Global Tinker and FableVision Studios’ The Paper Girls Show is an animated series that encourages girls to explore the topics of art, science, computer programming, and engineering. Through the show, elementary school students can follow along on Caily and Reese’s wacky adventures and be inspired to learn, create and take on educational adventures of their own throughout the school year! Watch the latest episodes here.

Ripped Apart: A Civil War Mystery (Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American History)

Brush up on your knowledge from the past and work on your sleuthing skills with Ripped Apart: A Civil War Mystery. Solve puzzles, find clues, and decipher documents as the Smithsonian’s newest intern. This immersive game experience allows players to explore the depths of the 19th century through photographs and belongings of characters from America’s past. FableVision, alongside the team at the Smithsonian Institution, developed this fun and engaging way for kids 10+ to get excited for learning about America’s beginnings.


Quandary (Learning Games Network)

Looking for an intergalactic adventure? Download Quandary for free on your tablet and step into a universe filled with ethical dilemmas. You’ll be appointed captain of 12 settlers and must take each settler’s opinion into account as they carefully deliberate and formulate solutions. FableVision and the Learning Games Network’s Quandary won the Games for Change Award: Game of the Year in 2013 in addition to many other honors, and is a fantastic way to boost students’ comprehension and critical thinking skills – there’s nothing puzzling about that.