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Allie Caton knows how to get results: she’s climbed the ranks from FableFan to marketing intern to full-time member of FableVision’s production team, all in the course of one year. This ability to hustle has proven invaluable during her first few months as a studio production assistant, and she still has the creative drive to work on various collaborative projects in her free time as well. With a diverse skillset and passion for diversity itself, Allie brings a sharp eye to many of the Studio’s current projects. Speaking of eyes, make sure to keep one trained on her – there’s no knowing what she’ll put her mind to next.

“One of the biggest things that I got out of my marketing internship (and that I now apply to my role as production assistant) is an understanding of how FableVision as a company functions in both company culture and workflow,” shares Allie. “Getting to know the ins and outs of each person’s role in the company during my internship turned out to be incredibly important in my position as PA since I’m constantly working with different people. The independent project aspect of our internship was also immensely helpful in helping me understand the overall arc of creating a project from start to finish.”

Read on to learn more about Allie’s journey to FableVision, her current and upcoming side-projects, and what she thinks it takes to make it through a hectic (yet exhilarating) week in the studio.

Welcome Allie! Tell us about your journey to FableVision!
I found out about FableVision about a year ago, and instantly knew that I had to get myself involved in whatever way I could. In September, I reached out to Sarah Ditkoff and Mitul Daiyan to set up an informational interview where I was able to see the studio and pick their brains a bit. After that meeting, I applied for the marketing internship and joined the FableVision team as an intern in January. When the opportunity to interview for a PA position eventually opened up, I jumped on it!


You just graduated from Boston University – go Terriers! What did you study and how do you think this has prepared you for the “real world?”
I studied Mass Communication at BU’s College of Communication. I learned a lot of things throughout college, but the biggest thing I gleaned from my major is how to communicate clearly and effectively. This is something that is not only necessary for my role as a PA, but also as a functional member of the “real world.”

With your hand in so many projects, can you walk us through what a typical week in your shoes looks like?
A typical week as a PA doesn’t really exist. Every week is different from the last and will be different from the next. I have a few projects that I’m consistently on, but the work is almost always fluctuating. Generally, my tasks include helping manage databases, checking in on artists and developers, communicating with clients, testing games and interactives, and supporting the producers in whatever ways they may need.

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You spent part of last year studying in Australia and interning for the Sanfilippo Children's Foundation. How was life “down under,” and what did you take away from that experience?
It was an amazing experience both living in Australia and working with SCF. I feel so lucky to have worked with an incredible group of passionate, driven women for a cause so close to all their hearts – and now to mine. I definitely left Australia with a deeper connection to the SCF cause, a wider set of professional skills, and the best tan I’ll ever have.

Aside from your marketing and production expertise, you’re also a very talented illustrator! When did you first start drawing and what do you most enjoy about it?
I first started drawing sophomore year of high school. There are a lot of things that I love about drawing, but the biggest thing is how empowering it is to translate an abstract idea in your brain into something tangible. As frustrating as it can be to make something I really like, drawing and creativity in general are not only outlets, but acts of self-empowerment. It’s also really fun to draw outfits I wish I had.


 You recently curated and produced the amazing zine Millennium Girls. What inspired you to launch this project, and what was it like working with 28 other artists to complete it?
I really love cartoons, and still feel really connected to a lot of the awesome female characters that I grew up watching. I wanted to do something to celebrate this nostalgia that I know is shared, so I decided to put together the zine! It was a huge learning experience working with so many artists and making sure all ends were met, but it was also one of the most fun and exciting things I’ve ever been involved with. I’m currently in the planning stage for a second volume all about ‘90s cartoons, so you can follow that process here if you’re interested in learning more!

 You grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina! What was it like adjusting to life – specifically winter – up here in New England?
The winters were definitely an adjustment – my first year here was the winter where we had record-breaking amounts of snow, and I was ready to move away right after arriving. I figure after making it through that, no winter will ever seem bad.

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More about Allie! 

Cat or Dog: Dog
Graphic novel: Catboy by Benji Nate
Harry Potter house: Sometimes Hufflepuff, sometimes Ravenclaw, sometimes Slytherin... I’ve never gotten a clear answer
Steven Universe character: Pearl <3
‘90s Cartoon: Recess
‘00s Cartoon: Danny Phantom
Artistic muse: Babs Tarr!
Inspirational site: Artstation
Best thing you ever cooked up: A variety of breads
Janelle Monae song: Q.U.E.E.N.
Favorite FableVisionary: Christina’s cat pillow