We’re strong believers in the power of play. The Wall of Inspiration at FableVision Studios serves as a reminder to keep our inner child’s sense of wonder alive. The wall is one of the first things to catch your eye when you walk through our front doors. FableVisionaries are encouraged to add to the wall with memorabilia, toys, or books—whatever it is that sparks inspiration and imagination in their work. Over the years, the wall has grown to include items from the newest staff members. The pieces each have special, nostalgic significance and it’s a testimony to our 20 years of creating lasting stories that matter, stories that move.

As we wrap up our celebrations, be sure to check out our 20th anniversary page here for more personal anecdotes on what makes FableVision the special place that it is as we continue on our 200-year mission.


1. Gary Goldberger, President and Co-Founder
The Blue Shoe was the project that started FableVision and launched my career. It was the first movie I directed and had a hand in animating. I remember spending nights and weekends working to bring this movie to life. It was a true passion project and it set me on the path towards creating stories that matter and move.


2. John Lechner, Art Director and Co-Founder
In the early days of FableVision, Peter Reynolds created a cast of characters called the NaviGuides, who live underground and help people achieve their dreams. One of our interns in the early days, Karen Kukta, created a plush version of the main character, Candu, as a gift for FableVision. Candu has been gracing our studio ever since, inspiring us. 


3. Karen Bresnahan, Executive Producer
Many of us grew up in the days of lunch boxes, and we created the FableVision lunch box as a fun marketing tool. We would fill it up with surprises and send it out to special people, and it was always a hit. There are still a few of these rare collector’s items left. 

4. Bob Flynn, Director of Art and Animation
I had a lot of fun learning about Pokemon and playing the new game this year. I’m probably biased, but I think these are the best Pokemon starter designs since the original ‘90s game. (I chose Popplio!)

5. Jordan Bach, Senior Developer
These two pins were made for Kickstarter supporters of Zoombinis, a game we made with TERC and Learning Games Network. They're a reminder of all the great fans who pitched in to help fund the project, and also of the fun time we had making the game.


6. Sarah Ditkoff, Marketing and Client Services Manager
I got this little trophy from the National Spelling Bee booth at my first ISTE Conference. I was new to FableVision and overwhelmed by how big and busy the conference was. It acts as a little reminder of a time I was scared of something but it all turned out okay—lucky for me it's shaped like an actual trophy!

 7. Loren Lee-Flynn, UX/UI Designer
Shortly after I started at FableVision, my parents attended an open house at the studio. My dad immediately noticed the Wall of Inspiration, and loved it. For him, the shelves cluttered with toys and random objects meant that his daughter had found a fun and friendly place to work. The next time I saw my dad, he handed me three grotesque plastic figures that he had painted as a kid. He suggested they would be a good addition to the Wall of Inspiration, and I think he was right.

8. Christina Kelly, Production Artist
While I didn't make the stars inside this jar, I watched multiple people in the office come together over the weeks to fold stars and fill the jar. It started as an activity for a project wrap party, and as people showed others how to make them, filling the jar with stars became an office-wide activity. It inspired me to see the filled jar, a physical embodiment of the studio coming together.

9. Mitul Daiyan, Marketing Coordinator
As I celebrate my first year at FableVision and help wrap up our 20th anniversary celebrations, I wanted to pay tribute to this meaningful year. This framed gallery includes the artists and former FableVisionaries who contributed their take on what makes FableVision FableVision. It inspires me to see the strides we’ve made with the help of a loving, wonderful, crazy-talented community.