We’ve had some incredible voices in our chorus of 20th anniversary celebrations this year. There are a lot of factors that contribute to our mission of doing good in the world—unrelenting passion and curiosity, dedication to high-quality educational media, a never-ending love for storytelling, the best partners any studio could ask for. However, the secret ingredient driving our mission forward is first and foremost our staff.  We’re only 20 years into our 200-year mission, but we’ve already managed to collect loads of fond memories along the way. We  asked the staff for memories they hold near and dear to their hearts.

Want to hear more from our vibrant team? Check out the staff video we put together to celebrate 20 wonderful years. Hear what they have to say below and tell us, what's your favorite FableVision memory?

"When we gathered together to unveil our Secret Snowflake, FableVision's version of Secret Santa where we exchange thoughtful gifts for one another." 

" The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It was a really great spontaneous way that the team came together for a bigger cause—which is exactly what FableVision is all about: doing good things to move the world to a better place." 

"Our visit from former mayor of Boston, Thomas Menino to announce a gaming initiative for the city of Boston. He embodied everything about the Boston culture and it really gave us the opportunity to closely align with the city and its initiatives." 

"Our very first holiday party at Paul Reynolds’ house. It was an amazing gathering of everyone at FableVision. It was so homey and you really couldn’t believe that this was your company: people were as nice as you thought and as wonderful as they seemed." 

“I really enjoyed some of the FableVision parties before I came to work with the team but also throughout the years. It's always been a fun time full of interesting people.” 

“Every Friday, we have Curd Herd. One member of the team makes up a little cheese spread each week. It’s great, delicious, and a good way to end the week.” 

“Brian’s waffles, Extra Life, and the formation of Curd Herd!” 

“Our last days in the Watertown office. We were just awarded the Lure of the Labyrinth project which was exciting and in the end helped our company go in another direction in terms of larger learning games." 

“When I was working at Learning Games Network, we were developing Quandary and almost at the launch stage. There were some issues that needed resolving but I knew that the FableVision Quandary team was at a wedding because two of their team members were getting married that day. Even with the wedding, they did a quick impromptu meeting and we got the game fixed. It was such an awesome example of the team coming together.” 

hannah snow.jpg

“One winter, there was a lot of snow and not a lot of people could make it in. There were just four or five of us in the studio. For lunch, we went out on the roof and had a snowball fight.” 

"Character design, definitely. I remember working at my desk and realizing that I was drawing a dehydrated cell that was in complete misery and so gross and remember thinking I can’t believe I’m getting paid to do this, I’m having so much fun!"

"Our 10th anniversary. We had just moved into the Boston Children’s Museum. Things weren’t even plugged in but it was cool to celebrate 10 years in the Boston Children’s Museum."

"During our FableFun Day, we paddled down the Charles River. It was a moment that was impromptu where we grabbed on to each other’s boat and were this little floatation device.  We ate snacks and we tried to tip each other over. It was so fun!"

"The FableVision Cape. When I was an intern here, they had me run around in the FableVision cape. It’s a real thing!"