Get your marketing efforts moving in 2017! FableVision’s Shelby Marshall and Sarah Ditkoff are helping you shake up your marketing strategy in their exclusive webinar Show and Sell: The Power of Animated Videos, hosted by our friends at Agile Education Marketing.

Video is fast becoming the most powerful and effective marketing tool for online businesses. Statistics show that people are 43% more likely to be persuaded by a speaker's presentation when the audience sees visuals—and because videos use both visuals and audio, they are even more effective than visuals alone.

In particular, animation provides even bigger benefits, and for many uses they are a better choice than live-action videos. Shelby and Sarah prepare you to use animation to shake up your marketing campaigns.

Did you miss it? No worries! Here’s a crash course with three important takeaways from the webinar:

What makes video so great anyway?
Many people are visual learners. Our brains are wired to retain more information when more than one sense is engaged, so someone watching a video with sound is more likely to remember what they learned than if they just read text. With evolving technology, one third of all online activity is spent watching videos and on average, people will stay two minutes longer on your website when engaged with a video.

Video also performs better on marketing analytics. Having a presence on YouTube, and embedding video on your site increases your chance of a Google front-page search result. Search engines give preference to pages that include video, and pages with video are more likely to receive backlinks. Videos can double your click-through rate from email and they consistently outperform other marketing content.

Overall, video is an effective tool for marketing because it awakens visual and auditory senses, reaches people where they are, and you can measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing.

It’s not all the same!
Different types of videos serve different purposes. Here’s a quick overview of the three varieties of animated videos:

  • Whiteboard animation: This type of video allows for an authentic “hand of the artist” feel.  This is a useful medium for: corporate training, showing statistics, and idea/concept pitching.
  • Motion graphics: Motion graphics mixes typography, illustrations, and simple animation. This type of animation is visually interesting, gives you more creative flexibility, and provides more options for sound design. It also allows for the option of merging of live action and animation for a unique look and feel.
  • Full animation: Great for expressing emotions, showing details, and illustrating hard-to-convey concepts. This form of animation provides the flexibility of incorporating humor and delight with visual storytelling, and can push the boundaries of your audience’s imagination.

Some things to consider when you’re choosing the type of animated video that’ll best meet your needs are your audience, what fits your budget and timeline, how you plan to share it, and what will work with your long-term plans.

Okay, I learned all this new information! Now what?
The secret to successful video marketing? Really understanding the needs of your audience. The webinar walks through the ingredients FableVision Studios uses to make compelling videos that are informative, accurate, entertaining, and memorable: sprinkling in humor, symbolism and metaphor, tapping into empathy, and creating a clear Call to Action.

Want more? Check out the recorded webinar below, download the slides, and tell us your thoughts in the comments below. We want to hear how you’re making use of animation in your marketing. A huge thank you to Agile Education Marketing for hosting us!