Committee for Children (CFC) and FableVision are hoping to bring our team of experts to SXSWedu to give educators the digital tools they need to make empathy the forefront of a child’s development in a media-rich world. And we need your help to get there. Yes, you!

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Link to vote: Empathy Empowers: Digital Learning Strategies

So, what’ll we be talking about?
Kids spend a lot of time online developing social-emotional skills within the digital space; the lack of face-to-face contact makes it easier to be “mean,” often without consequences. Leveraging research, psychology, and media, Committee for Children and FableVision are using educational media as an antidote. With built-in opportunities for failure and success, media helps kids understand how they can take ownership of creating a positive climate conducive to learning in a respectful and supportive environment. Educational specialists and developers will share insights and statistics on merging content with media, and discuss how it can promote empathic, ethical decision-making in kids.

“The great thing about this partnership is the seamless merging of content and engaging gameplay,” says Rachel Kamb of Committee for Children. “Our teams have worked really hard to create quality media and can’t wait to share our findings with the SXSWedu community.”

Who are the experts?


What can you learn?

  1. Tips to create a safe space online, where kids can act freely, be entertained, and challenge and enrich moral development without sacrificing agency.
  2. Get insights and statistics on merging content with rich media; discuss various media resources geared toward numerous age groups to promote kindness.
  3. Learn strategies on using media to reinforce social-emotional learning and bullying prevention skills and concepts both in the classroom and home.

What are some things you can expect to see?

  • How learning games like Committee for Children’s ParkPals (developed by FableVision) promotes learning kindness, created to address bullying.
  • More media and resources produced by Committee for Children and FableVision that encourage empathy and personal development.

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