Zoombinis has been in the app store for almost a month, but the excitement hasn’t died down. We’re thrilled about the game, and we’re not the only ones!

“The second I saw the little blue characters, complete with a variety of hair, eyes, nose color and feet, I was transported back to my childhood. Zoombinis is coming back,” wrote Jessica Bartlett, reporter for the Boston Business Journal.

Lots of people agree – it's been one big, wonderful, nostalgic trip to Zoombiniville.

Boing Boing picked Zoombinis as Mobile Game of the Week.

“Zoombinis remains a wonderful game, and if I could figure it out and be transfixed by it as a young person there's no reason today's players of all ages won't be able to be drawn in,” Leigh Alexander, of Boing Boing, remarked.

To promote the release of Zoombinis, FableVision released a series of developer diary videos that provided a glimpse of our work along the way (you can watch them all here), but if you want a deeper look at what FableVision contributed to Zoombinis production, you’re in luck.

Still don’t know what we’re talking about? USA Today writer Greg Toppo gave a great history of the Zoombinis game and our development collaboration with TERC, and Learning Games Network, including original Zoombinis creator, Scot Osterweil. You can read that article here.

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