Put on your disguise and channel your inner con artist in FableVision’s newly-developed financial literacy game Con ‘Em If You Can! FableVision worked with the Doorway to Dreams (D2D) Fund in association with the FINRA Investor Education Foundation to create this sleuthy game. 

In Con ’Em If You Can, the player assumes the role of a con artist learning key techniques – phantom riches, reciprocity, scarcity, social consensus, and source credibility – to scam the residents of peaceful Shady Acres. The intention is that by playing as the con artist, the user learns how not to fall for the schemes in the real world. Connor, a “friendly” con artist and host of Con Art School, guides the player in crafting the correct strategy to persuade the victim into forking over the money. The player sorts through their bag of tricks for the various schemes to take down targets. But beware; Agent Hunter is hot on the trail. 

Con ’Em If You Can adds to the list of fun and engaging financial literacy games that FableVision has collaborated on with D2D. In Bite Club, the first-ever vampire-themed financial literacy game, players learn how to save for eternal retirement by managing their own nightclub. In Farm Blitz, farmer Kyra helps players get out of a sticky situation and turn their inherited farm into a cash-making machine. And in Refund Rush, players take on the role of a financial planner, giving customers advice on how to best spend their tax refund check based on their financial profile. Players learn how to use their refund to invest in bonds and pay off debt rather than spend it on luxury items. D2D is known for their game arsenal that approaches financial literacy from a non-traditional point of view.  

Test your skill! Try your hand at reeling in the big one on the game’s FableVision-designed website here. You can also check out FINRA’s facts and figures about the importance of fraud awareness. Remember, knowing your enemy is the best way protect yourself.