Yesterday was a big day: we got tapped by Getfused, Inc. for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Their video is to the right here. The rules:

  1. Grab your camera.
  2. Fill up a bucket of ice water.
  3. Tell everyone about the challenge.
  4. Challenge a few friends to "take the plunge" — if they opt out, they donate $100.
  5. Then, dry off, and post the video to social media with a link to donate.

Of course, we accepted! How could we not? So this morning we came in with towels, changes of clothing, slipped our shoes off in front of the Boston Children's Museum. We're stoked to get soaked! Along with our video, FableVisionaries will be donating to The ALS Association. We're proud to give to an organization that's raising awareness around an important issue.

We pass the challenge to Zach Marks at Grom Social, Jumpstart, and Citizen Schools. You have 24 hours — GO!

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