Make a splash with Maritime Gloucester’s newest exhibit developed in collaboration with FableVision! The goal: create an interactive exhibit that teaches the complexity of the fishing industry in an engaging and intuitive way.

Played on a touch table, the "Think Tank" Fisheries Exhibit allows up to six people at a time to take the helm and command different aspects of the fishing industry. The game is designed to welcome all to the table to have a conversation about the challenges one faces when managing fisheries. Players will seek to influence the size of a fishery population based on a variety of factors including the control of fishing fleets, consumer demand, public policy, and even the temperature of the water.

Just as in reality, the table responds to changes in activity and behavior. Overfishing may tip the delicate balance of the food chain and cause deficits in production, lowering fishing populations. 

This exhibit aims to introduce the idea of the complexity of sustainable fishing, and to inform about the many factors and variables that influence fish populations. The variety of roles in the game ensures that visitors will stay engaged and interested as they explore all aspects of this multifaceted and intricate industry.


Without a winning or losing state, the Fisheries Exhibit allows for continuous play, regardless of the number of players, in order to accommodate the comings and goings of museum visitors. More details about the exhibit can be found on Maritime Gloucester's website.