Both my grandfathers served in World War II. My maternal grandfather was a pilot, but growing up I didn’t know anything about his service. He certainly didn’t talk about it – a symptom of both the times and his return and reintegration to his family. It wasn’t until late in his life, when he was dealing with a series of strokes and the accompanying dementia, that he began to tell his family stories from the war.

Times are different now. Perhaps as a society, we encourage transparency about these experiences within families and beyond. There are resources that encourage an open, healthy dialogue in a military family – especially ones with children.


Paula K. Rauch, MD, a child psychologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, developed a method for dealing with illness and loss that resonated with military families across the country.

“When one member of a family serves, every member serves,” Dr. Rauch says. As she can’t be on every base, a one-of-a-kind solution to share her Staying Strong message was created.

FableVision partnered with Rauch and Mass General’s Home Base program to design and develop the site, StayingStrong.org. The website is a robust resource with video, animations, a community forum, and educational tools to help military families navigate deployment challenges.


FableVision worked with Rauch to understand how military families would use the site. The animated segments are relatable, tackling social and personal issues military kids may encounter at different age levels from preschool to high school. Through Staying Strong, military families across the country have access to the mental and emotional care Rauch offers at Mass General.

The hope is that with resources like Staying Strong, families will feel supported with a care network for generations to come.