There’s something special about Sky Color. Maybe it’s the unique creative approach to the story, gentle music, or empowering character of Marisol. It’s probably a combination of it all.

We’ve received a lot of requests from film festivals to show our animated film Sky Color. It has screened internationally at revered children’s film festivals, including the New York International Children’s Film Festival, TIFF Kids, Boston International Kids Film Festival, and – this week – at the Milwaukee Film Festival.


The production of Sky Color completes FableVision founder Peter H. ReynoldsCreatrilogy. Peter worked with the FableVision team to create an animated version of his book Sky Color, published by Candlewick Press in 2012. Narrated by Sisi Aisha Johnson, with original music composed and arranged by Ernest TroostSky Color is a whimsical tale about seeing the world in a new way.


Sky Color soars with colorful interludes. Most of scenes use muted earth tones allowing the colorful moments to shine in a vibrant contrast. The animation enhances the original story, showing colors missing, and character transformations.

To bring the book to life, the FableVision team scanned in original watercolors for the backgrounds, and handpicked a handful of powerful scenes that enhanced the heart and essence of the film. Weston Woods was particular about not adding anything to the film that wasn’t in the book, which allows Sky Color to remain simple and clean.

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