Last year on the FableBlog, we reviewed the first Amazon Original Pilot program, an exciting program that allows YOU, the viewer, to decide the next wave of children's programming. Our friends at Out of the Blue recently informed us that Creative Galaxy, one of the pilots from last year's group, is now in full production! So exciting. This year, our good and longtime friend Josh Selig, Founder and President of Little Airplane Productions, has a pilot, The Jo B. & G. Raff Show, in the mix with Amazon Originals. We chatted with Josh recently about his show, juggling, music, and outer space. Read on to hear more about Josh, his show, and watch The Jo B. & G Raffe Show now!

FABLEVISION:  This Amazon Pilot program is so exciting for children’s television producers. Are you super psyched that the people get to decide on your show instead of just a few big network heads?

JOSH:  I am psyched (and grateful) to be a part of this really unique process with Amazon Studios. Every day I go online and read what families have to say about our pilot, The Jo B. & G. Raff Show! The comments that have been posted have been really helpful and constructive and will undoubtedly help us make the show better should it go to series.

Josh Juggling

FABLEVISION:  Jo B. and G. Raff have their own show within the show -- how fun! Where did the inspiration come from? How long have you been developing it?

JOSH:   The inspiration dates back to my teenage years when I worked as a street performer in Times Square juggling and eating fire. I have always loved the idea of "putting on a show" and Jo B. and G. Raff get to do this in every episode. I've been working on this specific series idea since 2009.

FABLEVISION: When it comes to shows with music curriculum, your shows are really the best. What are some of the unique challenges of writing a show that features music so prominently?

JOSH:  Thanks! I love good music on TV shows because it conveys great emotion and also helps support the narrative arc of the story. The challenge is often being able to afford live musicians on a preschool TV budget but we always find ways to make it work because it's always worth it. There's simply nothing like the sound of a real instrument being played by a great musician.

Jo B & G Raff Image #2

FABLEVISION:  What’s next for Jo B. and G. Raff? If the people speak and the pilot gets greenlit, do you have an episode idea that you just can’t wait to write? A song you can't wait to compose?

JOSH:  I have a hundred episodes flying around in my head. I am totally obsessed with this show. If it goes to series, I think families can expect to see Jo B. and G. Raff travel to many far-away lands and even deep into outer space. In the meantime, I  hope your readers will check out our pilot and all the awesome Amazon Original shows. Thank you!

FABLEVISION: Thank you for stopping by the FableBlog, Josh! To all you readers out there, make sure to watch The Jo B. & G. Raff Show this week and leave a comment on Amazon! Voting ends this week and YOU could help Jo B. & G. Raff get their own show!