I’m a firm believer that nostalgia is one of the most enveloping and convincing story-telling tools. One of my favorite project of FableVision’s taps into the part of my brain that remembers loving Schoolhouse Rock! as a kid. When I started at FableVision about a year ago and saw this project, I fell in love with it. It tapped into something that felt friendly and likable.

Community Health Center is an independent, private nonprofit organization that provides health services to patients living across Connecticut. Founded in 1972 on the principle that “health care is a right, not a privilege,” Community Health Center is committed to helping all people and to not only individual health but healthy communities as well. To celebrate Community Health Center's 40th anniversary FableVision developed an animated film and companion books to share the center's unique history.

Watching the Schoolhouse Rock! art and animation style made me feel like the story was a recognizable one. I wanted to like the characters immediately, and I did. FableVision worked closely with Community Health Center to develop the script and turn the real-world people into animated characters.  The engaging short, "The Ordinary Extraordinary Town and the Time of the Terrible Typical Trouble," is narrated by the center's CEO Mark Masselli.

For a special behind-the-scenes look at FableVision's collaborative process with Community Health Center, watch the making of video here.