With the growing success of Mayan Mysteries, Dig-It! Games approached FableVision with a unique project: Create a stand-alone app that would drive traffic to the Dig-It! website and act as marketing support for Mayan Mysteries.

Can U Dig It!, an excavation-style puzzle game, didn’t start out as a pre-conceived game, only a goal. Dig-It! requested the game be addictive, where each level could be played in two to three minutes. FableVision developed the concept: a fun game with an easy hook that still hit upon already established curriculum featured in Mayan Mysteries. FableVision combined new art and design with some pre-existing art and assets from Mayan Mysteries.

Here are some screenshots from Can U Dig It!

This was the first time a client came to FableVision to create a new product designed to market its larger property (Mayan Mysteries). Fun facts from Can U Dig It! are woven into Mayan Mysteries and vise versa so that the games cross-promote each other, a smart more-bang-for-your-buck marketing tactic.

Each level was hand-designed by FableVision, and went through rigorous quality assurance testing, as each level can be solved in multiple ways. FableVision came up with the concept, and crafted the levels and numbers with new art and design. Start to finish, this is an addictive game that appeals to players of many ages. Here are some designs from our game designer and developer Ryan's notebook.

Be sure to download the app for yourself (it's free!) and check out Mayan Mysteries as well... can you dig it?

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