For those of us local to Boston, we've been hearing tons of buzz about the new Giant Ocean Tank at the New England Aquarium. The Aquarium holds a good deal of nostalgia for Bostonians with their whimsical ads always present in T stations. As someone who grew up in the area, the Aquarium was always my favorite field trip of the school year, and I loved making faces back at the fish and cheering at the seal and walrus shows. The penguins made me giggle with their funny haircuts and I always got a soft serve ice cream on the dock afterwards.

When we found out that the Aquarium was doing some major renovations over the past ten months or so, and when they approached us about doing a new Fish Identification app to be paired with their new Giant Ocean Tank, we were pretty thrilled. The Fish Identification app we made has been loaded onto iPads mounted next to the new tank, and Aquarium visitors can play our app to help them find out what species of rays, fish, sharks, and turtles are swimming around right in front of them. Here's a short video of the app in action. And here's some art from the fish ID app we made!

NEAQ had an exclusive after-hours Open House two nights ago and we were invited to visit the Aquarium and see our app in action! Here are some FableVisionaries at the New England Aquarium!

There's an awesome timelapse video that the NEAQ has posted of them rebuilding the new tank, which you can watch here. There's also a great page on their website that answers questions about the new Aquarium here. Many thanks to the Aquarium for having us! And a hearty congratulations to them on their new Aquarium Experience!