We are excited to show you our first "Tell Me a Fable" Twitter special event in its entirety! At FableVision Studios, we believe storytelling can be done effectively in many different formats, so we were excited to take on the task of telling a social media generated story through social media itself.  After asking our @FVStudioBoston followers to submit ideas for a story they'd like to have told by our team, we fell in love with one about a little boy who creates a robot to do his chores (submitted by @Blast_Fantastic)! The resulting fable below was written by Production Assistant Jordan Persson, and illustrated by Lead Artist Renee Kurilla. We tweeted the fable out over the course of a week, two tweets a day. It gave FableVisionaries a unique way to collaborate in a new medium. This is our first #tellmeafable so be sure to follow us at @FVStudioBoston so you can submit your own fable idea for the next round. Check out the whole thing in its entirety below.  Enjoy!

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