Check out our new Dinosaur Train app "Classic in the Jurassic, Jr." featured this week in the App Store! The app welcomes kids to an adventure with Gilbert the conductor, helping him get Troodon Town ready for a big event! The app includes three math games and a sticker book with one more game update on its way.  We were so proud to see Classic in the Jurrassic, Jr. claim #1 in popularity in iPad/Education, #5 in iPad/Overall, and #1 grossing in iPad/Education.

In addition to the app, there are seven online games that make up the Classic in the Jurassic suite featuring the stars of Dinosaur Train show (hilariously) competing in athletic events--including diving,  gliding and football.  Through these games, we introduce preschoolers to math concepts like weight, distance and volume. The app and games transmedia suite were funded through a grant from the Ready to Learn Initiative. Buy and download the app here.

Bridge Builder: Help the dinosaurs get around Troodon Town! Measure the distance by dragging your finger across, and choose the right length of logs to finish the bridge.

Chow Time: The dinos are ready for snack time! Add or take away food from the scale and when it’s balanced watch them eat their fill!

All-Star Sorting: Get the dinosaurs in order from shortest to tallest! Once they’re lined up correctly, drag them to their appropriate homes.