When you think about the problems humans will face in colonizing space, what do you imagine they'll be? It wouldn't be totally wrong if you said hostile extraterrestrials or back holes. But what if I told you one of our biggest problems would be the ethical dilemmas concerning the best way to keep sheep from being eaten by the native predators? Do you: poison the predators, capture them, or fence in your sheep at night? Well in our latest project, Quandary, you'll have to consider problems just like that! Quandary is a unique gaming experience that puts players in charge of the colony of Braxos, where human settlers have settled down and are trying to create a thriving civilization. We are proud to say that Quandary is an unprecedented gaming experience: players won't do any resource management, they won't fight in battles and they won't conquer alien worlds. Instead, players will have to consider urgent moral and ethical dilemmas that are integral to the livelihood of their colony. Each decision will have serious consequences for the settlers of Braxos. We are very excited about this game and its potential to help students learn about making smart ethical decisions in their own lives. It was wonderful to collaborate with our longtime partners at Learning Games Network--there's nothing better than making games with fun, smart people.

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You can read The Learning Games Network's press release about Quandary here.