Featured Article Where Good Ideas Come From

Steven Johnson from Riverhead Books explains “where good ideas come from” and artfully pairs drawings with a captivating audio background and explanation through whiteboard animation, a simple and fun process that is taking storm in the animation and digital media spheres.

Whiteboard Animation is stop motion drawing on a dry-erase whiteboard that can be either filmed or photographed. When edited, whiteboard animation allows you to explain concepts and ideas both visually and through audio. It can be used to portray anything from a fun story, to an organization’s main mission and focus, to philosophical world theories that can’t fully be explained through words alone.

FableVision has already gotten a head start on this by creating our own short story, and there is so much more we can do with whiteboard animation! Stay tuned for more on this topic, it’s sure to continue taking storm in the industry and in our studio as well!


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Check out the Google logo in honor of Valentine's Day!

Here at FableVision we take pride in telling stories that matter and stories that move and we were so excited about the incredibly cute and inspiring short animation Google created in honor of Valentine’s Day. It is a message that warms the heart and makes you realize what’s truly important when it comes to love and friendship!