About a week ago, the art team met for our regular Artist Meeting and decided to put pencil, crayon, and marker to paper. No computers. Getting out of our heads and our usual drawing styles. Straight up drawing from observation. We started by doing 30-second gesture drawings...
...and then moved into 3-4 minute poses.
Everyone had a chance to get up and strike a pose or two, and we sketched for the better part of an hour. Some folks were actually able to capture a pretty decent resemblance in their drawings. Though, we all were quick to realize just how rusty we were with this art school exercise. The above selection is just a smattering of the pages we filled up with sketches.
A lot of us are doodlers. We make things up. But the next time you're stuck on something to draw, get out of your head and take a look at what's around you.