I first met Peter and Paul in the early 2000s when they invited me over for tea just outside Boston. I was the editor of a new magazine looking for a fascinating interview and they were a pair of new media artists just settling into their cozy new creative digs along the Charles. As I sat comfortably on their plush, big red couch and leaned in to take a sip with a steady hand, the surface of my tea trembled enough for me to pause and scan the room, searching: Ten feet away there lie a table plastered with gorgeous, soon-to-be-published illustrations with someone closely studying each one; in another corner, a pair at a computer screen immersed in a lively conversation suddenly shared a surprised look and then a hearty laugh; further away a person came out of the woodwork with papers in hand and on a mission—everywhere around me, the air was abuzz with purposeful creativity. Just then Peter, followed by Paul, appeared out of my peripheral view and each extended a friendly hand. I felt relaxed, extremely welcome and never forgot the meaning and care that they imbued into the moments in that day.

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