Featured Link: Former FableVisionary Goes Disney - It was just a normal, usual day in Maine for children’s book author and freelance illustrator Noah Z. Jones— until he was approached by Disney to create the animated TV series “Fish Hooks”! Jones previously spent time working as one of our own FableVision animators, and the entire studio is thrilled about his TV success!

Noah also serves as co-executive producer for the series, which is currently the Number 2 animated series on TV for both the 6-11 year old and 9-14 year old demographic, second only to Disney's "Phineas and Ferb." “Fish Hooks” follows the adventures of a group of teenage fish living in a pet store fish tank.

Noah had pitched a couple of ideas to the family entertainment powerhouse before Disney ultimately decided on “Fish Hooks,” which mixes 2D animation with photo collage, a style that is definitely not your typical Disney look. Mike Moon, Animation Development Executive for the Disney Channel, gave Noah full reign to shape his characters into the quirky creatures that his audience have come to know and love.

Noah is also the creator of "Almost Naked Animals, " recently picked up by Cartoon Network to air during its summer lineup! We are incredibly proud of Noah and wish him the best of luck with both fantastic series!

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