Here's what has inspired us and caused us to procrastinate this week: Featured Link:

The newest way to edit videos with anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Thanks to Nonny de la Peña, the creator of Stroome, filmmakers now have the ability to collaborate with anyone in the world while editing.  Stroome is an interactive online video editing community that allows filmmakers to upload their footage, work collaboratively or alone, interact with others who have similar interests and challenges, and then share their completed work with the world!

Nonny highlights Jason DaPonte, a personal friend and avid user of Stroome, for his use of Stroome in his current project. DaPonte is currently the cross-platform producer in the pre-production stage of a documentary following a Aboriginal storyteller named Francis Firebrace.  DaPonte will be utilizing Stroome to engage audiences in the large number of stories Francis can recite about his people. By allowing viewers to become familiar with Francis' stories before and after watching the documentary itself, they will be able to connect with Francis on a deeper level. Watch here to see a clip of Francis in action!

Francis Firebrace - A Man From Two Tribes - Teaser from Kevin Lee Brown.

Games: Eddie Scholtz on game creation--- If you are thinking of making a viral online game, here are some helpful hints to make your gaming dream a reality.

How to continue the game-making momentum -- Once you have that hot new game idea in your head, here is the push you will need to follow through and keep at it till the end.

Children's Media: Heads Up Media Producers: Families Still Matter Most in a Digital Age--- The Joan Ganz Cooney Center presented Lori Takeuchi's research report Family Matters: Designing for a Digital Age, which highlights parents' thoughts about children's media use and possible goals for the media industry to remedy parents' concerns.

Technology: The Coming Zombie Apocalypse---You think your devices can do it all now? Just take a look and see what Scott Jenson believes our devices will be capable of in what he calls the "Coming Zombie Apocalypse."

Around our Community: Visit Chihuly: Through the Looking Glass at the MFA--- Dale Chihuly, a world renowned glass-blower, has an exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts running now through August 7th! Head out to see his mind-boggling creations (Bonus: the MFA is having a FREE admission day on Friday, July 1st).