One of the clues to our 200-year mission may well lie quite some time ago - and far away. As it turns out, one of Peter's and my relatives is Sir Hugh Owen (1804-1881.)  Hugh was an educational pioneer who dedicated his life to making public secondary and higher education available to all people in Wales.  He published the revolutionary “Letter to the Welsh People” on the need for public education in Wales.

Hugh then went on to found the country’s first public university (The University of Wales at Aberystwyth) as well as a college for teacher training (Bangor Normal College - now Bangor University.)  Knighted shortly before his death for his efforts, Hugh dedicated his life to democratizing education so that ALL people with an appetite to learn could navigate their true potential - not just the elite and wealthy.

Our life's work is to support and extend Hugh’s vision – working to invite every KIND of learner to succeed  - no matter what kind of learning differences a child has through creative tools that offer a more learner-centric, personalized curriculum.  The mission continues.

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