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When FableVision's Taryn Johnson was at Hampshire College, she had the chance to work on an animated short film called The Incident at Tower 37. In the film, Tower 37 siphons every drop of water from a once-pristine lake, that is, until the station's steward makes a startling discovery. After making the film festival circuit over the past two years, winning a number of awards, the 3D-animated 10-minute film has been posted online for viewing.

Watch the film here!

Learn more about The Incident at Tower 37 on writer/director Chris Perry's blog

More of what FableVisionaries are clicking on, reading, and talking about this week:

Child Development/Education: The Four Secrets of Play That Foster Creativity Great suggestions on how to get children to embrace creative play and become “designers” rather than just “players”.

Cool New Apps/Games Disney Releases Family Fun Magazine App for iPad Great new app that is another example of pushing the limits of standard publishing by adding interactivity provided by mobile devices!

Design/Animation St. Matthew Island “What happens when you introduce 29 reindeer to an isolated island of untouched resources?”  A clever comic by Stuart McMillan.  (Click on the main graphic to read in lightbox- scrolling down)

Kaboing TV.com- Frog In Suit “Frog In Suit” is the first animated show to launch the KaboingTV.com website.  The series was created by Joe Murray (Rocko's Modern Life, Camp Lazlo!)and was fundraised through Kickstarter.com.  For more information about KaboingTV.com check out these links: - KaboingTV.com: All Cartoon and Animation Channel - Why KickStarter Might Save Independent Comic Books - Cartoon Brew: Leading the Conversation

The Planetarium: An HTML5 Astronomical Adventure A great html5 demo (no Flash!) all about our solar system. (Best viewed in Chrome/Safari/Firefox4)

Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Sesame Street iPad App A great article that goes behind the development of the iPad app version of The Monster at the End of This Book, a Sesame Street classic!

Museums Grossology Exhibit New exhibit at the St. Louis Science Center based on the best-selling children’s book Grossology.  Check out the promotional video here: Grossology Promo

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