Here at FableVision, we try to keep on pulse about what is going on in the world of children's and educational media, technology, design, and entertainment. Every week, we will compile a list of the cool links and fun news stories that we've been sharing around our studio in a new blog series we are calling "The Weekly Click!" It's like getting an inside look at what FableVision's artists, developers, and producers are reading and talking about in our studio. Join the conversation: leave your comments and share your own interesting links! What FableVisionaries are sharing this week:

Cool New Apps "37 Best Augmented Reality iPhone Apps" --From, a blog dedicated to everything iPhone.

Child Development/Education Burlington Schools trade in books for iPads --Forget textbooks, one Massachusetts school system will be using iPads in the classroom.

On Evolution, Biology Teachers Stray from Lesson Plan --Teaching creationism in schools, though unconstitutional, continues to flourish in classrooms nationwide, while education about evolution suffers.

Technology Inkling: designing and developing accessible e-textbook software --Education is for everyone!

PBS and Grunwald National Research Indicates Lack of Technology Infrastructure in Classrooms --K-12 teachers want technology, but must rely on free resources given budget cut-backs.

Gaming Game Designer Jane McGonigal talks with Stephen Colbert --Check out her new book Reality is Broken, about why games make us better and help us be successful in the real world  (also check out her site at

Creativity "Everything is a Remix" Part 1 and Part 2--These videos by Kirby Ferguson focus on music (part 1) and film (part 2). Everything is based on influence. FableVision's Bob Flynn says: "This is why I believe creative philosophy is far more important than style—which is a surface treatment, evolving and changing to meet creative interests."

No Right Brain Left Behind --As part of Social Media Week 2011, the project is encouraging the creative industry to brainstorm and concept ideas to support and foster creative education.

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