Dr. Margaret Riel - my amazing research advisor during my grad studies at Pepperdine University - introduced me to Education and Ecstasy - by George Leonard - after I was waxing on about my belief that to teach effectively is to love deeply.   Loving what you teach - loving who you teach.  Loving the outcomes, the impact, the ripples you make in the journey of others.  Watching your students fall in love with learning - for a life-time. While Education and Ecstasy was first published nearly 40 years ago, it remains as relevant today as ever. The day that "learning & joy" are synonymous in students' minds, then we can retire this book. Until then, this classic work stands as a touchstone for the quest to ignite a LOVE of learning in students - and their teachers.

From what I can see there is a new updated version - but I keep a beat up 1968 close at hand in my "essential" collection - savoring the stir the book must have created back in the day ... knowing that we continue the mission to keep the love going.