There are millions of circuit boards a million buttons

a million screens

a million console controllers

there is the joy of leaving here

for a million conquests

in a million games

a million levels

a million reasons to abandon

a million hours of


these millions leave us empty on the other side

empty backyards

empty conversations

around empty dinner tables

a million virtual deaths

a million trolls

a million bosses

a million power ups

and 'game over's

creating hollow places

where conversation grew

and tables filled

with eyes

and hands

and us

and real

but real is old

and replaced for a million reasons

new and noisy,

new and flashy,

all new and 'must have'

and thus they say

the million sells

and all is well

but this all this

and nothing next to real.

-- Paul Reynolds, with obvious thanks to and inspiration from the Reggio Approach Founder Loris Malaguzzi's "The Hundred Languages of Childhood."

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