Award-winning educational media firm FableVision, of Boston, announced today its partnership with noted scientist and educational technology leader, Dr. Cecilia Lenk to launch a spin-off venture, BrainCogs, LLC Built on the latest research in cognitive psychology and neuroscience, BrainCogs will produce an e-learning platform that provides a wide offering of Web-based tools and games designed to help children learn more effectively and improve their academic performance.

FableVision CEO Paul Reynolds notes, "With 1.2 million of our students hitting the wall in school and dropping out every year, BrainCogs is going to provide the door through that wall--letting kids tap into cognitive strategies and strengths that are right at their fingertips."

BrainCogs, LLC will launch with two flagship products, BrainCogs and Essay Express. Featuring a dysfunctional animated rock band, these award-winning products use FableVision's distinctive brand of stories and humor to provide students with evidence-based metagcognitive strategies that strengthen executive function skills.

Dr. Cecilia Lenk states, "I am excited to build this new venture with FableVision. Research in cognitive sciences has suddenly hit the mainstream radar; now is the time to leverage that and create easy-to-use, easy-to-access tools for schools and homes around the globe." Lenk adds, "By offering these new solutions, BrainCogs, LLC is well-positioned to become the leader in the global cognition product & services industry."

FableVision's Founder Peter H. Reynolds, designer of the animated cast for BrainCogs and Essay Express software, shares,"It's a joy to partner with Cecilia Lenk; someone who understands that kids learn in different ways and need more creative invitations to the learning journey."

BrainCogs and Essay Express product development is a collaboration with Lexington-based Research Institute for Learning & Development (ResearchILD) led by Dr. Lynn Melzer and Dr. Bethany Roditi--internationally acclaimed experts in metagcognitive strategies and learning differences. A recent study funded by Cisco Systems Foundation found scientifically valid, statistically significant results showing these programs improved academic performance in middle school students.

Dr. Lenk has directed several multi-million dollar federally funded projects that brought fresh approaches to science teaching and learning in this country and abroad. She has overseen major educational projects in collaboration with the National Geographic Society, National Science Foundation, US Department of Education, Smithsonian Institution, the National Institutes of Health, and Harvard University.

Dr. Lenk has more than 20 years of senior management experience in the development of commercially successful technology products, focusing on the integration of technology and science. Most recently she was Vice President of Information Technology and Digital Design at Decision Resources, which experienced major growth during her tenure. She held senior positions at Tom Snyder Productions, MCET, and TERC and was founder and president of Webivore Knowledge Systems, a Web-based educational technology start up, which she subsequently sold. She has a B.A. from Johns Hopkins University and a Ph.D. in biology from Harvard University.

For more info, visit BrainCogs online.